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Shahab Ahmed

Physician and writer. Born in  Vikrampur. Was in USSR and Canada for a while. Presently working as a pediatrician in Florida.

Published books:

  1. An invisible mouse-collection of Poems.
  2. Letters from Leningrad-collection of letters written in 1982-1986 with deep insights about the society and the beauty of USSR.
  3. Diary the College Days-an account of youth, portraying the time late 70s and early 80s.
  4. Ten naked men and a saint- collection of stories.
  5. Hizol and Droupodi Mind- collection of stories.
  6. The Violin of Thithonus- collection of Belle’s Letters
  7. From Leningrad to Caucasus and Days and Nights of Caucasus- a novel in 2 volumes.
  8. Where Flows The Kura River- a travelogue about Georgia, the country of Joseph Stalin.