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Kaushik Sen 

Kaushik Sen is a doctor by profession but a Bengali writer and drama enthusiast by passion. He belongs to the generation that saw pretty much everything of the post-WW2 world. They navigated through the world of typewriter and transistor radio, From black and white TV to the birth, infancy and adulthood of the Internet and electronic revolution. They also witnessed the shifting of political ideology, scientific and social practices from one extreme to the other. At present, he is a little clueless creature amidst the ocean of ​​social and electronic media, still longing to hold a printed book in his hand. Kaushik finished his MBBS from Calcutta National Medical College, MD from SSKM Hospital, then after many travels, many sleepless nights and grim hospital days, finally settled in the city of Raleigh as an American board certified Hematologist and Medical Oncologist. This journey and the exile is his source of internal suffering and also the inspiration to express it through words and plays.
Kaushik started writing short stories, poems and drama scripts for local Bengali festivities, Then like a magic, seven novels took their births and surprisingly all got published by prestigious Ananda Publishers and Pratibhas publishing houses in Kolkata and appeared in well-known magazines like Desh, Sananda and Krittibas. He also contributes regularly in various Bengali web magazines like Parabaas and Banglalive. Kaushik’s writings mainly reveal the perspectives and reflections of an expatriate physician. The number of books published so far is only ten but Kaushik is not yet finished, many stories of this era are still in his possession.