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Bangladesh Translation Foundation is a non-profitable, non-government, voluntary and charitable organization.


  1. To acquaint participants with the relatively new concept of Translation and Interpretation Studies by reading informed criticism in the theoretical field, thereby contextualizing the disciplines in general terms. To enrich Bengali literature and language by translating different literatures from other languages. To internationalize Bangla arts and literatures by translating them into other languages around the globe.  

  2. To fine tune participants’ working languages, so as to bring them up to the same level of proficiency like that of educated native speakers of foreign languages, and progressively train them to transfer messages from one language to another accurately and fluently.

  3. To provide training in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and sight translation, from beginning to advanced levels, in the legal, healthcare and business fields. This training will help trainees to perform to the standards of court, healthcare, or conference interpreters, as established by nationally recognized associations in those fields. This includes a foundation in the standards of ethics and practice in the respective areas.

  4. To develop awareness of current issues in Translation Studies and practice, and of the importance of professionalizing this occupation as well as educating the public on the importance of and methods for using professional translators.

  5. To introduce participants to real-life working environments through guest speakers, possible on-site visits, and in-class simulations and finally, through the internship experience. To equip students to continue learning on their own, by teaching self-assessment techniques and reflective practice skills. Participants will also receive guidance on how to further their professional development.

  6. To enhance student’s linguistic competence in foreign languages and cultural awareness of contrasting elements between the dominant cultures and those cultures of various Hispanic groups.

  7. To create a new standard of training and achievement for translators and interpreters in this geographic area, to train individuals for multi-competency employment, to keep pace with the need for linguistic specialists.

  8. To arrange national and international meetings, conferences, and seminars for the development of the translation sector of the country.

  9. To publish Magazines and Journals to create platforms for translators.

  10. To publish translated books to encourage translators.

  11. To organize awards and honorariums for translators to encourage them.

  12. To arrange scholarships on translation studies.

  13. To organize workshops, both national and international for translators.

To help translators and publishers on Copyright issues.

How to join

Bangla Translation Foundation is working on literary translation. You can join this foundation as a translator or patron of translated literature. You can join the Foundation as a Royal Member, Life Member or General Member by paying the subscription fees annually. We welcome you cordially.

Our Ethics

One of the purposes of amet is the defense of the moral are is an patrimonial and legal interests of the translator ours aspiration is to become apoint of reference for everyone involved in book and production authors translators editors


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Executive Comitee

Mojaffor Hossain


Mojaffor Hossain is a notable fiction writer of contemporary Bangla literature. Starting his career as a journalist and now working as translator in

Annonto Uzzul

General Secretary

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Khaliquzzaman M. Elias is a Bangladeshi writer. He won Bangla Academy Literary Award in 2011 in the translation category. He is currently serving

Shahab Ahmed

Vice Chairman

Physician and writer. Born in  Vikrampur. Was in USSR and Canada for a while. Presently working as a pediatrician in Florida.

Moom Rahman

Joint Secretary

Moom Rahaman is a prolific writer of Bangladesh. He is a full time writer in every sense. Stories, dramas, poems, translations, screenplays, essays, etc

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam

Executive Member

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam is the author of two poetry collections, most recently Inner State, and the translator of Humayun Ahmed:

Jackie Kabir

Executive Member

Jackie Kabir, an English-language teacher, is also a writer and a translator. She has contributed as a translator in Contemporary Short Stories from Bangladesh by


Executive Member

MASRUFA AYESHA NUSRAT is Assistant Professor of English at East West University and was educated at the University of Dhaka and University of Nottingham (UK)

Noora Shamsi Bahar

Executive Member

Noora Shamsi Bahar is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of English and Modern Languages, North South University. She completed her MA in English from The University

Izfandior Arion

Executive Member

Izfandior Arion is a multilingual poet and translator. At times, he authors essays as well. It is primarily his love of languages that got him involved in a literary career