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Izfandior Arion

Izfandior Arion is a multilingual poet and translator. At times, he authors essays as well. It is primarily his love of languages that got him involved in a literary career. He knows classical languages like Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit. On the other hand, he has learned modern languages like German, Hindi, Urdu, English and French. He has translated works from these languages to Bengali and vice versa. Besides these, he is able to read various scripts. He is able to decipher writings in old scripts like Brahmic, Pahlavi, Newari and Avestan. He has 3 books of poetry, 2 translation works in Bengali, and one translated book in German, Arabic, Hindi and Persian each under his name. A bit unorganised as far as institutional education is concerned – he has studied in institutions like Dhaka College, Dhaka University, and TU Ilmenau in Germany.